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Since 1980, what began as a small company with only a handful of employees in one city, Superior Appliance Service has grown into a major repair company with hundreds of professionals across Canada. Using new technologies and repair methods over the years, we have established ourselves as a company that always prioritizes its customers.

We take pleasure in providing reasonably affordable, quick, efficient, and dependable assistance with no additional fees. Our team uses state-of-the-art tools to make sure that your malfunctioning appliance will be working properly.

Is something wrong with your device? Does your washing machine not drain properly? Or do you keep finding filthy pots even after a dishwashing cycle? Superior Appliance Service can help you whether you need to install or repair your existing device. We provide same-day service, and our 24-hour call center is ready to help with any issues to prevent future breakdowns.


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Superior Appliance Service delivers dependable services that will prolong the lifespan of any appliance. No work is too big or too small for our team!

Call For Price Refrigerator Repair

Our refrigerator service is about care. If we give you an item, we are responsible for the way it performs in the future. That’s why you can always rely on us and our professional help with any possible errors.

Call For Price Dishwasher Repair

Requesting dishwasher repair, tell us the brand and model of your appliances. It can usually be found on the side of the dishwasher door. Complete data on the model and the defect will allow our repairman to take the necessary parts along and make the repair during the first visit.

Call For Price Washing Machine Repair

With our low and budget-friendly fees, you will find that fixing your washing machine would be much cheaper in comparison to purchasing a new one. The fact that we only use modern tools and equipment ensures that the life of your appliance will be extended not by months, but by years.

Call For Price Dryer Repair

Is your dryer broken? No need to get upset. Entrust the repair to real Superior Appliance Service – technicians of our service. It’s enough to make an application or contact us by phone, specifying the exact brand of your unit. Also, do not forget to tell us about the signs of the problem and the most suitable day and time for the departure of our specialists. It is important to remember that if your dryer is not drying clothes, it is time to call our Superior Appliance Service.

Call For Price Oven Repair

Our highly competent technicians have years of experience in working with appliances of any kind, f.e. electric, gas or induction oven. We can significantly prolong the life of your appliance. It is high time you saw that with your own eyes, especially when the prices for our services are ever so appealing.

Call For Price Freezer Repair

Our experts will carry out comprehensive diagnostics and eliminate any breakage of your freezer using the latest equipment and modern repair methods.

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