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Hello, I’m Nick. I once dreamed of a world where broken appliances wouldn’t bring frustration and despair but hope and happiness. And so, I set out to make this dream a reality. I was a wizard of sorts, a wizard of fixing things. I had a gift for bringing broken appliances back to life. I had a passion for solving problems and a heart full of kindness.

One day, while fixing a neighbor’s washing machine, I realized that the world desperately needed reliable appliance repair services. I saw people’s struggles to find someone trustworthy to fix their broken appliances. And that’s when I had an epiphany – I would create a platform where people could find the appliance repair services they needed with just a few clicks.
And thus, Nick’s Appliance Repair was born. I gathered the most skilled and experienced technicians I could find, and together we built a network of the best appliance repair services in the land. We pledged to provide only the highest quality services to bring hope and happiness back into people’s lives.
Years went by, and Nick’s Appliance Repair became known as the go-to place for anyone in need of appliance repair services. People from far and wide came to us for our expertise, and my team and I always succeeded in delivering.
I continued to dream of a better tomorrow, and with each broken appliance I fixed, I brought that dream a little closer to reality. And so, Nick’s Appliance Repair continues to bring hope and happiness to a world ruled by appliances.


Call For Price Appliance Maintenance

Are you seeking a reliable and professional solution to your appliance issues in Toronto & GTA? Your search for resolving your appliance issues ends here. Nick’s Appliance Repair Service boasts a team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians who can repair and maintain your appliances quickly and efficiently.

Call For Price Washing Machine Repair

If you have dirty laundry and your washing machine is not working, do not panic. Nick’s Appliances Repair Service is here to offer quality repairs for all types of washing machine issues. Our expert repair technicians have years of experience in major appliances repair and are skilled to handle any task quickly, efficiently and right the first time.

Call For Price Dishwasher Repair

If you have problems with your dishwasher and want to avoid washing the dishes by hand, our dishwasher fixer service at Nick’s Appliances Repair Service can quickly diagnose the issue and fix your machine the same day.

Call For Price Refrigerator Repair

If you are searching for refrigerator repair near me and have a malfunctioning refrigerator, call our refrigerator repair man at Nick’s Appliance Repair Service to quickly come to your home to troubleshoot the issue with your refrigerator and offer a cheap solution.

Call For Price Stove Repair

If your stove is broken and you are tired of eating out every night, we are here to help. Nick’s budget appliance repair service features appliance repair experts that are knowledgeable about fixing your stove and helping you quickly get back to cooking home meals again.

Call For Price Freezer Repair

Nick’s Home appliances service is the best, most-trusted option for quick, easy local service, repair, and maintenance of all major freezer brands. Call us for freezer gasket repair, freezer ice maker repair, freezer compressor repair, freezer door repair and more. We will send you the best local freezer repair man in the area.

Call For Price Dryer Repair

If your dryer is not working properly and you want to avoid waiting for a load of wet clothes to dry, licensed technicians are here for you. Call Nick’s appliances repair service for professional services on dryer repair. Our qualified technicians can diagnose the issue, use original parts for dryer repairs and have your clothes dry in no time.

Call For Price Oven Repair

Oven repair is hard to do, but it doesn’t have to be. Nicks’s Appliance Repair Expert has the best oven repairmen to fix your oven in your location.

Call For Price Microwave Repair

If your microwave is malfunctioning, do not stress! Our microwave repair experts at Nick’s Appliance Repair Service are here to help! We provide same-day services for microwave repair in all our service areas. Our repairmen fix countertop, drawer, built-in and integrated range hood models of all major brands.

Call For Price Gas Appliance Repair

If you are looking for a gas appliance repair service in your area, call us. We have strong expertise in all major brands of gas appliances and use innovative technology.

Call For Price Commercial Appliance Repair

Nick’s Appliance Repair Service is a reliable commercial appliance repair service provider. We provide our clients with Convenient scheduling online and by calling.

Call For Price Appliance Installation

If you're searching for a company to install your new appliances, we can assist. You can expect fast action and expert service from one of the most experienced appliance repair businesses in the region. Our installation services cover all built-in appliances or stand-alone, gas or electric. We are the best installation service team for you! Our factory-trained technicians will install your new oven, dishwasher, washer, stove, or built-in appliance in a timely and professional manner.

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