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Whether you’re looking to fix your refrigerator, dryer or washing machine All Appliances, Fridge, Dryer, Stove Repair is the company to call to. Our employees pride themselves on quick and efficient services. No matter the extent of the damage we’ll do our best to get it working in tip-top shape.


Call For Price Fridge Repair

Our expert technicians are just waiting for your call. They finish the work quickly and efficiently and can repair a variety of fridges to get it working in tip-top shape. We have years of experience which is why we’re the best.

Call For Price Oven Repair

So many dishes require the use of a stove so when it breaks it can be really disheartening. Just leaving the appliance can lead to problems further on. We give you long-term solutions with solid repairs.

Call For Price Stove Repair

A reason why your gas stove won’t work may be because your surface burner won’t light or your pilot light doesn’t turn on. If you have a weak burner flame or you’re smelling a strange odour then turn off your stove and wait for our workers to arrive.

Call For Price Dishwasher Repair

You’ll know to call us if you notice your dishes come out dry and dirty out of the dishwasher or if you notice the door to the appliance isn’t closing properly. We’ll check everything from the pipes to the drains to make sure to give it a thorough repair.

Call For Price Wine Cooler Repair

Our professionals can take a look at the appliance. Whether it’s a thermoelectric system or a compressor system we are capable of dealing with both kinds of machines. Call us to keep your wine at a good temperature.

Call For Price Ice Maker Repair

If you notice your machine is leaking don’t try to fix it yourself call one of our experts to solve the problem. We arrive quickly and work on the job thoroughly so you’re satisfied. Your problems will disappear with one call.

Call For Price Washer Repair

Without a capable washer dirty clothes can pile up and no one wants that. Our experts can fix this appliance so that it’s good as new. We will choose the best options so that your machine will be in tip-top shape when we leave.

Call For Price Dryer Repair

There are many reasons why a dryer won’t work but we can deal with all of them. Just give us a call and we’ll be right over. Our goal is to help improve the life cycle of the dryer so it keeps working for a long time.

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1326 Gerrard St E #206, Toronto, ON M4L 1Z1, Canada

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Monday 24h open
Tuesday 24h open
Wednesday 24h open
Thursday 24h open
Friday 24h open
Saturday 24h open
Sunday 24h open
Local time 18:22pm

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